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Olympia's Daughters, Women's A Cappella Choir
Proudly bringing song to the the East Coast since 1990

Choir Singing Songs - Women's Cappella Choir and Course

Olympia's Daughters is a women's a cappella choir that builds bridges between communities and cultures. Through song, we challenge attitudes, foster healing, share our hearts, spirits, and joyful love of music. We perform at events such as cultural festivals, domestic violence vigils and church services. We take our name from Olympia Brown, the first female who was ordained by a national denomination-the Universalists. She was also a leading suffragist, a mother, and a business woman.

Director: Penny Gnesin  Assistant Director: Sue Fulton

Olympia's Daughters:

  • Jeanie Bryson
  • Carmen Pinto
  • Debbie Weiler
  • Elmira Nazombe
  • Jacque Diggs
  • Karen Quigley
  • Maria Manna


  • Judy Cangelosi
  • Penny Gnesin
  • Peggy Hannis
  • Renata Miller
  • Robin Richards
  • Sue Fulton
  • Surita


Music Programs
Our music programs touch on a number of women's issues and help people understand and heal through music. From Freedom to Domestic Violence to Women's Music through the Ages, our programs highlight the full spectrum of life's experiences. To support us please buy concert tickets through illinoisticketshq.com


Quality You Can Count On
We pride ourselves on our moving performances and recordings,  Feel free to contact Olympia's Daughters to find out more or sit in on a Monday night rehearsal. We are located in North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Woman - A Member of Our Women's Cappella Choir and Course

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Olympia's Daughters
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